What’s that groaning, wheezing sound?

….me climbing a flight of stairs? Or could it be me crying because Private Eye rejected another lookalike?

Actually this was a while ago now, I really should be over it.


I should be over bashing poor old Russell, just because he can’t string a plot together to save his life, has to push all the emo buttons all the time to make anyone take notice, and doesn’t understand basic scientific or even SF concepts (“She’s just atoms now, Doctor…”). We now have a shiny new Doctor, possibly the best since my all-time favourite, and surely a better showrunner, too….after all, compare and contrast:

Let’s be honest. I can’t stand good writers. I waste so much time just wanting to be them. — Russell T Davies

Doctor Who is not a show for beginners, it’s a show for people who really know what they are doing and who also really ‘get’ Sci-Fi. — Stephen Moffat

But then again, maybe we should sacrifice the traitor on the stones of blood right now:

There’s a difference – I, Claudius is brilliant. Doctor Who isn’t — Stephen Moffat

So why do I have this niggling feeling that it could all be so much better? Or has “wasted opportunity” been Who’s watchword ever since – well, the year dot?


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One response to “What’s that groaning, wheezing sound?

  1. tony ingram

    Russell and the Slitheen are scarily similar, i agree. Grasping, egotistical-and they even look alike!

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